Large table with cutlery

The large oak table is covered with a tablecloth, served with exquisite plates and forks. The tableware shows that an intelligent family lived here.

There are many reminds in this tableware about M. Leontovych’s family, because his mother Mariia who was a beautiful and noble woman, from early childhood instilled in her children the taste for the beautiful, the kind, told how to properly use cutlery, napkins and others.

When M. Leontovych married, his mother and father who lived in the village Bilousivka-1, Tulchyn district knew that the best gift for the newlyweds would be a good tableware.

At this table, the family of Mykola and the guests who came to them gathered daily. This table and tableware also remember dear for M. Leontovych guests in 1920. At that time the Second Traveling Chapel of the Dnieper Union under the direction of K. Stetsenko came to Tulchyn, the compere was Pavlo Tychyna. The big concert was held in Potocki Palace in Tulchyn, where choral arrangements of M. Leontovych’s songs and his famous «Shchedryk» sounded. Inspired by his success, Leontovych invited his friends to his home at the end of the concert and at this table was treating them with potatoes and cabbage. All were cozy and warm. And there sounded new arrangements of works in M. Leontovychs’ performance. The music that soon broke off due to the tragic death of the brilliant composer sounded.