In one of the memorial rooms of the museum there is one more unique exhibit Mirror.

The owner of this mirror is a resident of Tulchyn Svitlana Sivak – a great admirer of the composer’s creativity. Here is what she told. Her grandmother Hladka Lidiia studied at the Diocesan College of Tulchyn where M. Leontovych taught singing lessons. Lidiia became friends with M. Leontovych’s sister Victoriia. They went to visit each other, played the piano together, liked the music. The Leontovych family had a mirror in which girls often looked while adjusting the dresses’ collars.

Victoriia told that her brother M. Leontovych had brought this mirror from Kyiv when he was leaving for a meeting with Jaworski.

Even after M. Leontovych’s death, they exchanged gifts for the holidays and, somehow, on Lidiia’s birthday, Victoriia Leontovych brought her a mirror as a gift because she knew that Lidiia liked it a lot. After the death of Lidiia Hladka, this mirror was in the family of Svitlana Sivak for a long time, but she decided to transfer it to the Museum-apartment M. Leontovych. So to speak, return the property to the owners. And here is a mirror of the Leontovych family is located on the display at the museum and welcomes all visitors.